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'Robin Hood' Labour to take from bankers and give to young jobless

Mon, 10/03/2014 - 18:40 -- nick

The Labour party has announced a plan to tax bankers' bonuses to pay for a job guarantee for young unemployed people.

The party wants to have its cake and eat it though; a job would be provided to all under-25s who had been unemployed for more than a year, but the would lose benefits if they turned it down.

The language of 'guarantees' versus ' compulsory' mean it is not clear whether Miliband and Balls are pro- or anti-unemployed.

Young unemployed suicidal and without hope, says charity

Thu, 02/01/2014 - 12:52 -- nick

Young unemployed people are under severe stress leading to many feeling suicidal, a survey has found.

Charity The Prince's Trust commissioned YouGOV to find out how those aged under-25 feel about being out of work, with more than 900,000 still not in employment, education or training.

40% of youngsters have experienced the symptoms of mental illness, while even more shockingly one in three of the long-term unemployed have thought about suicide as a way out of their plight.

Young people could be unemployed for life - Prince's Trust

Wed, 30/10/2013 - 14:44 -- nick

Some young people are at risk of being unemployed for life, according to a new report by the Prince's Trust.

The number of young people unemployed for more than two years is at its highest for two decades according to the Trust, and the number it works with has also risen.

Those aged 18-24 are bearing the brunt of the recession, and there are now more than three times as many long-term unemployed now as there were ten years ago.

Millionaires to blame for youth jobs crisis - report

Wed, 09/10/2013 - 11:13 -- nick

Millionaires are to blame for the European youth jobs crisis, according to a report in the New Statesman.

At least 26 million are unemployed in the continent, and many of them are moving country in order to find work.

There are now 8 million fewer Europeans aged 20 to 24 compared with 1989, so the problem isn't the number, and they are better qualified than their parents, so skills aren't the problem.

The magazine blames millionaires, citing the figure that while 170 bankers in Germany earn more than 1 million Euros each year, in London that figure is 2,400.

Younger people are not as anti-benefits as painted

Wed, 31/07/2013 - 13:12 -- nick

Young people have been getting more anti-benefits over the last few years, we have been told.

But an article in today's Guardian says these attitudes have been exaggerated, and that political parties that try to exploit them for votes are likely to be disappointed.

Analysing the British Social Attitudes Survey, the writers show that those born since 1979 - known as Generation Y - have a fairly stable view of public spending, with 93% supporting increasing or maintaining tax at the same level to support spending on health, education and social benefits.

Government's youth contract failing to hit targets

Tue, 23/07/2013 - 14:10 -- nick

In response to youth unemployment hitting one million people last year, the government launched its youth contract, which offered businesses a subsidy of up to £2,275 for employing an under-25 year old who had been out of work for at least six months.

It was designed to help around 53,000 people each year, but figures released yesterday showed fewer than 4,700 were still in work after six months.

More had started work: 21,000 have found a way into the workplace, suggesting that many are struggling to keep their jobs.

Want to set up in business? Young people tell their stories

Wed, 17/07/2013 - 16:03 -- nick

Do you want to set up in business but aren't sure if it is for you or how to go about it?

The BBC has interviewed some young people who have got companies off the ground, and their advice could help you make the decision.

More and more people are setting up in self-employment, and the pros and cons of the government's New Enterprise Allowance are discussed.

Read the full article here

Unemployed young want to work, but a third fear they never will

Tue, 16/07/2013 - 19:39 -- nick

Nine out of ten young people who aren't in employment, education or training want to work, but a third of them believe that they will never be given the chance.

A survey by lecturers' union UCU showed the cost youngsters were paying by dropping out of society, with more than a third (37%) saying that they rarely leave the house, a third experiencing depression and 15% reporting that they had mental health problems.

Young people don't want to be pop stars - or unemployed

Mon, 08/07/2013 - 17:07 -- nick

A survey of young people's aspirations for work and their futures has found that most don't want to be famous, they just want to work.

The research, by Britain Thinks, asked those aged 14 to 18 what they wanted from their lives, and the biggest answer was 'having a job they love'.

70% of young people are committed to this, twice as many as the next biggest response 'having a university degree' and more than want their own homes and families.



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