Recruiter boasts of power to stop benefits on Twitter

Thu, 15/08/2013 - 20:55 -- nick

A senior recruiter working for Amazon has boasted on Twitter of her power to stop the benefits of those sent to her for interview.

Kelly-Jane Stone from Watford used the Twitter account @DietQueen to bash unemployed people who came to her for work, calling them "suckers" and writing of her power to get their benefits stopped.

Stone has since been suspended from the Transline Group in Hemel Hempstead, which holds an account finding staff for online retail giant Amazon.

Shocking messages posted on Sunday by Stone described how she got "so much pleasure" from stopping benefits.

The exchange was started when @Devils_Baguette (another Twitter account since deleted) sent a message saying “Point out one thing people who chose [sic] to live on benefits contribute to society”?

The @DietQueen Twitter account has since been started up again by another user who writes "it was considered prudent to appropriate the username and use it for more positive statements".

Stone replied "“In my new job, if people from the [job centre] don’t turn up to an appointment with me, I stop their benefits for 13 weeks... suckers.”

She followed up by saying “I get so much pleasure knowing what I can do if the [sic] mess me around. I’m going to be shot one day for it I bet!”

Her next message split over two tweets read: “I had someone who’s been claiming for 10 years and his benefits were stopped because he told me he gets more through the Government than working. Even his housing benefits stopped... bliss.”

She added: “Same thing if I offer them a job too and they don’t turn up – benefits stopped forever until a job is found. Gutted.”

Her friend responded: “More likely stabbed. Your average peasant is more likely to own a BB gun than a real firearm. God I’d love your job!”

Stone was bombarded with messages questioning her unsympathetic stance.

A Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) spokesperson said: "Only the DWP has the power to remove benefits it administers."

However, critics have accused the DWP of sanctioning too quickly since the coalition government took power and without proper investigation, potentially giving unqualified and unreasonable people like Stone power to have benefits removed with a single report on a jobseeker.

Sanctioning rates have been going up since 2009. Before that date fewer then 10,000 people per month had their benefits removed, but after it up to 110,000 have suffered this fate, causing hardship and poverty often for little reason.

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