Quarter of graduates still unemployed after a year

Tue, 18/02/2014 - 13:12 -- nick

A quarter of graduates are still unemployed a year after leaving university.

A survey by Total Jobs also showed that two in five are unemployed after six months.

There has been a huge expansion in the number of young people studying at university over the last twenty years, but 44% of recent graduates now regret not having chosen a vocational route instead.

Total Jobs asked 676 people and found that a third were applying for at least 20 jobs each month.

Mike Fetters, graduate director of totaljobs.com, said: "Despite the economic upturn, graduates are still struggling to find work after university. Our research shows that many graduates are starting to wonder if they should have studied for a more vocational qualification as a more effective route to employment.

"Although a degree is an essential qualification for some industries, school leavers need to think more carefully about which route to employment is best for them as some may be more suited to an apprenticeship scheme."

The vocational route is becoming more viable, with 24% more apprenticeships available in October 2013 compared with a year before.

At 37,000 vacancies though, there are still not enough to satisfy all those who want one.

Total Jobs did not reveal how many graduates who had found work were in more basic jobs.

However, previous studies have shown the number working in unskilled positions doubled between 2008 and 2012.

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