Not satire - cuts to support for the poor will hit the poor hardest

Mon, 15/06/2015 - 12:08 -- nick

It should be a headline from The Onion or Daily Mash.

Thinktank the Resolution Foundation has crunched the numbers on next month's £12 billion welfare cuts, and come up with the boldest possible prediction:

Apparently the move will affect those families with the least money most severely.

As reported in The Guardian:

"almost two-thirds of the cut would be borne by the poorest 30% of households; almost none of the cut would fall upon the richest 40% of households."

So benefits, which are designed to help poor people, are paid mostly to poor people and not to rich people.


There is a serious point behind this nonsense though.

Despite promising to be a 'one nation' Tory after only narrowly winning the last election, David Cameron has confirmed he will not allow cuts to pension benefits (including heating allowances, bus passes and free TV licences that are given to the rich who don't need them) or child benefit, so those that have are already being protected again.

Far from ruling for all, Cameron is protecting the wealthier and older voters that put him in power while those who didn't vote Tory are for the chop, even though they are the least able to bear the punishment.

It isn't a surprise that the Conservative party rewards the rich at the expense of the poor.

It is a surprise that, given that everyone knows this, it found enough votes to form a government and do it all over again.