Merseyside Employers Not Replying To CVs

Thu, 08/11/2012 - 12:25 -- Joblessmerseysider

I am FED UP with these Merseyside employers who are not replying to CVs. I have over 25 years of good, solid admin and customer service experience, and really convey to every employer I contact just how keen I am to work for their company. However, all I meet with is mass silence.

I just feel as if I am wasting my time even applying for these jobs now.

I am sure many of you jobseekers feel exactly the same as I do. It is disgusting the way these employers snub our job applications.

Submitted by 3Mitch on

I don't think it's just Mersey side. I hardly ever get any sort of acknowledgement. I have a similar background to yourself and I find it difficult to find out exactly who I'm applying to! This seems to be because a lot of jobs are advertised via recruitment agencies; if they do contact you it's to tell you (rather vaguely) that the job you applied for has gone and would you like to travel (anything up to 150 miles away!) to register with them. As I don't drive, this can be a very expensive waste of time as, in the past, I have never got a job this way. I think it's a just a case of flogging on:)

I've got an interview on Saturday so fingers crossed, things do turn up - even if I don't get it, it will keep my hand in interview wise!

Submitted by nick on

Universal Jobmatch is likely to make this situation even worse - employers are likely to get lots more applications for any advertised job, meaning it will be harder to sort them and take a lot of time to reply to all.

Good luck with your interview.