How an MBA can improve your job prospects

Tue, 19/02/2013 - 17:21 -- nick

Is doing an MBA a good route to improving your employability? This is a question thousands of graduates face each year when trying to weigh up whether it is worth taking on debt to undertake this course.

The Telegraph has written an article that might help you make the decision. It gives details of both traditional and new employers of MBA graduates, and provides plenty of ideas for how to get in to work at the right level.

Some advice is useful to all students: don't neglect your soft skills, get real work experience where possible and build up your personal contacts.

There is still a market for MBAs, but those studying need to think of their job routes earlier in their courses.

The good news is that 92% of worldwide MBA holders found work within three months of graduating in 2012, up from 86% in 2011, showing that jobs exist.

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