Filling a career gap: make the most of your time out of work

Thu, 21/11/2013 - 12:14 -- nick

Job candidates look more employable when they don't have big gaps in their CVs.

Getting work is a bit like the dating game: companies want people that others have wanted too, and long periods of unemployment are viewed negatively.

This article gives you some pointers on how to fill those gaps, and your time, when you're looking for a job.

If you choose wisely, you might find that those activities could help you get into employment, or even become your next job.

'Ever seen an advert for a job that was made for you? Did you spend hours on the application form or tailoring your CV towards the job but then not hear a thing back? Did you call for some feedback but get fobbed off? Have you repeated the process again and again?

Author Daniel Walker has and it made him doubt himself, lose confidence and want to give up.

Daniel says: “Being rejected or ignored by employers is inevitable for all job hunters but it shouldn’t become the main theme of the current time. A career gap can be an opportunity to grow, try out different roles, develop skills and increase your knowledge.”

Here are Daniel’s pointers to help you transform a career gap into something exciting and successful:

  • Reduce job search time

Yes, it goes against the traditional advice that looking for work should be a full-time job in itself but if you substitute some of that time for other meaningful activities, you’ll be happier, more confident and more employable. The gap developing on your CV will be replaced by interesting and relevant skills, experiences and knowledge.

Find a role that’s enjoyable and challenging.

  • Business

Try starting your own company. Think of ideas with low start-up costs and experiment. There’s a great book called The $100 Startup, brimming with ideas that can be set up on a shoestring budget. Why not order it from your local library?

  • Study

You don’t need to shell out on expensive qualifications. The internet and your local library offer free educational resources.

  • Improve your fitness

Get out of the house for some exercise. Walking, cycling, football or anything else that you enjoy. It will help you to boost your self-confidence.

  • Have fun

Learn a language or a musical instrument, read or write a blog. All of these hobbies (and many others) will support your employability.'

Via The Mirror