Dole Animators release film trailer on reality of workless life

Tue, 27/08/2013 - 10:53 -- nick

A group of unemployed people has been working on a film depicting the reality of life on the dole in austerity Britain.

Growing out of a research project that tries to bring workless people's voices to a wider audience, the Dole Animators trailer has now been released.

Working in partnership with award-winning documentary filmmaker Ellie Land,  fifteen out-of-work benefit claimants were interviewed three times as they experienced the direct consequences of various welfare reforms.

The findings skewer some of the government's favoured arguments against benefits; none of those questioned had chosen their situation, none considered it a lifestyle and all were busy looking for work, caring for others and volunteering in their communities.

They are also worried about the way they are scapegoated by the government, the use of language like 'scrounger' to describe them and the poor quality of services that are supposed to help them.

The level of income has become an increasing pressure on unemployed people, and the fifteen young filmmakers have felt these, with some who have been sanctioned resorting to crime just to be able to afford to eat.

The full film will be released in October this year, but the trailer gives a flavour of how much suffering and alienation is caused by the assault on unemployed people the government, and their partners in the media, have perpetrated.

The group has been funded by the National Lottery, and is based in Leeds.

Watch the trailer here

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