Staying Motivated

Tue, 17/01/2012 - 15:34 -- nick

This article from cvtips gives you some great ways to motivate yourself and keep going in your search for work. The tips are pretty easy to achieve, but should give you a real boost to know you have completed them. Don't forget those things that will make you feel good every day, like eating healthy food and getting some exercise, as they will help keep you going and give you energy for the challenges ahead.

'Finding yourself out of work leaves you drained in two places, morale and motivation. Your self-esteem is damaged and you find yourself wondering if there is any other job out there for you. After the initial reaction of being unemployed, your mind kicks into gear and you start the journey to finding a job, hopefully your ideal job.
Motivations to Find Work

Some things in our daily lives are accomplished not out of remembering to do them, but more out of a sheer physical or psychological need to have them. Such things as food, sleep, movement and a need to 'do' something are among this list. What are our actual motivations to finding work?
Here is a short list.

  • Needing income to support yourself or others
  • Needing something to do
  • Need to be part of something
  • Need to show who we are in the world

Motivation Drainers While Unemployed
If you find yourself unemployed for a long period of time, your motivation to find work begins to drain out. You do not feel you will find your ideal job; in fact you begin to wonder if you will find any job. What drains the motivation out of people who are unemployed?

  • Frustration in not finding work
  • Depression in not being able to be financially supportive of yourself or others
  • Anxiety and stress in dealing with money issues which seem to worsen over time

Maintaining Motivation
So how do you maintain motivation during your period of unemployment? How do you continue to look for the ideal job?

  • Try to put in at least one application or resume a day someplace, go around to places you went to a month before.
  • Create a goal of something you badly want. Find something that represents this goal and put it on the refrigerator or wall to see each day.
  • Any time spent shopping, place an application or resume in the business on either side of where you are spending money.
  • Make sure to leave the house each day to get something done away from home.
  • Talk to someone who understands the situation, don't work this problem alone.

While being unemployed becomes frustrating, maintaining motivation to reach the goal of your idea job is simple if you continue consistent daily steps towards this goal. Each and every step forward will bring you closer to your goal of having a new job, maybe even your ideal job.