Living Cheap Top 10 Tips - Number 7

Fri, 17/02/2012 - 18:44 -- nick

This series of articles from Living Cheap helps provides a useful guide to how to live life on a low income. They are ideal for those of us living on benefits, although not all of the tips will help all of us. Living on a low income needs planning, and the ten tips will help you plan not just for the everyday, but also how to deal with financial emergencies.

Number 7 - 'The Thirty Day Rule.
Ok, so you have mastered the ten second rule but occassionally you find a really nice item and the ten second rule still leaves you stood in the shop considering making a purchase. What do you do next? Well, the thirty day rule applies usually to items that are not immediately required and probably cost more than £20 - but not always. It's another simple method and it goes like this. After you have applied the ten second rule and have decided you still want to buy the item, put it back on the shelf anyway and walk away and set a date around thirty days in the future when you will come back and buy it.
Most of the time you will probably completely forget about the item and so it turns out it wasn't that important to you anyway. However, if you still remember the item and still want it, then go back to the shop and buy it. This technique will stop you from making frivolous purchases that you will regret as soon as you get home. If you end up going back and buying the item, you will be much more pleased that you have made a decision to buy something that you really needed or wanted for a long time.'