Living Cheap Top 10 Tips - Number 6

Fri, 17/02/2012 - 18:40 -- nick

This series of articles from Living Cheap helps provides a useful guide to how to live life on a low income. They are ideal for those of us living on benefits, although not all of the tips will help all of us. Living on a low income needs planning, and the ten tips will help you plan not just for the everyday, but also how to deal with financial emergencies.

Number 6 - 'the Ten Second Rule.
This is a simple but hugely effective technique that will help you reduce the amount of frivolous purchases you make. It's simple to do and just takes a little thought. If you are out shopping and you pick up an item off the shelf that you like, and want to buy, simply stand there with it in your hand for ten seconds and have a conversation with yourself in your head. Ask yourself if you really need it. Could the money you are about to spend be put to better use somewhere else? Most of the time you will answer yourself by putting the item back and walking away. Once you have done so you will probably find that you get a good feeling wash over you because you have just avoided wasting some cash. You might even find yourself smiling.'