UnemployedNet live tweeting on tonight's C4 show 'Benefits Street'

Mon, 06/01/2014 - 14:48 -- nick

Encouraged by the 'success' of Channel 5's recent car-crash programme 'On Benefits and Proud', which gave a voice to experienced Jeremy Kyle guests while pretending to illuminate Britain, Channel 4 is weighing in on the welfare debate.

'Benefits Street' claims it "reveals the reality of life on benefits" from the neighbourhood in Birmingham which has more claimants than any other, but the history of programmes in this area is shameful, so what will it really bring to the party?

The early signs are mixed to say the least. The Express reported on the street's residents using words like 'boasted' and 'bragging' while using the old trick of linking the £208 billion benefit bill to unemployment (it's primarily made up of pensions, disability benefits and money for those in work).

The Mail took a more surprising approach, carrying a story from those appearing on the show in which they accuse its makers of manipulating them and putting only the more extreme cases on screen, despite interviewing a range of residents.

The reality will only be revealed tonight.

UnemployedNet will be tweeting live during the show, so join us at our Twitter account @UnemployedNet from 9.00 pm for the truth behind the myths.

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