UnemployedNet live tweeting on C5 benefits programme from 9.00 pm

Mon, 14/10/2013 - 12:00 -- nick

Channel 5 is showing a new documentary tonight at 9.00 pm, and UnemployedNet will be tweeting live during it.

The show, On Benefits and Proud, looks likely to be another demolition job on workless people and other claimants, and we will be watching over it and trying to put some facts into the mix.

Channel 5's website trails the programme saying "With a fifth of every pound we pay in tax going directly to support benefit claimants, not everyone is happy with who gets what."

It appears to be taking the extreme path, covering a woman with eleven kids, and another who has six children all on benefits and a husband who "doesn't even bother looking" for jobs despite the fact that this brings automatic sanctions.

It talks of being able to "move at the drop of a hat and even increase your [housing] benefits if you know how to work the system", despite housing benefit being paid directly to landlords and not to claimants.

Please join us from 9.00 pm on our Twitter account - @UnemployedNet.

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