Partick Jobcentre

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Quality of staff – knowledge
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Quality of staff – supportiveness, customer service
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Speed of processing people and claims, responsiveness


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Submitted by luv_my_cat on

Unwelcoming...atmosphere is is clean but no IT/job finding info facilities for customers other than jobpoint. Too many guards with seemingly little to do than tell you that you are not allowed to do anything, except breathe. There are no freshen up facilities. Very rare to see the same advisor at sign on or even know who your advisor is (in my case)! As for knowledge it is basic and when it isn't ..a little conflab with others ensues. Some nice people whom i've come to know over time, but it was one of them that put me through an unmerited sanction at the request of some unknown (and never been seen since) person. So just doing my job attitude. Overall: Too many guards, Floor managers (dumbing down the good guys). petty rules and very little in the way of customer support/care/facilities. And heating is always way too warm :)