Light at the end of the tunnel? No more benefit cuts, says Osborne

Tue, 28/05/2013 - 12:04 -- nick

Chancellor George Osborne has fought off attempts from his own cabinet ministers to raid benefits again, agreeing cuts in spending instead.

Osborne has set himself a target to slash £11.5 billion from the government's budget this year, and has already agreed reductions with seven government departments of up to 10%.

These are justice, energy, communities, Cabinet Office, Treasury, Foreign Office and Northern Ireland.

Other ministers, including Defence Secretary Philip Hammond and Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, have called for more benefit cuts rather than give up some of their funding.

And despite lobbying by other MPs, this has been resisted.

Osborne pointed out that major cuts to welfare were already in place, including the cap, housing benefit reductions and below-inflation rises for all working-age benefits.

He told the BBC:

"We are cutting welfare and we're cutting welfare for the future as well.

"we're going to make sure that no family that stays at home on benefits gets more than the average family going out to work and we're also making sure that welfare bills don't go up faster than wages, so there are big savings in welfare."

He added that the government would concentrate its spending "on the kind of infrastructure I'm going to see in Liverpool later today, which helps create jobs."

UnemployedNet opposes current working age benefit cuts and calls on the government to reassess welfare to ensure no citizen is left in poverty.

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