Tattooed jobseekers 'repugnant druggies' say employers

Wed, 04/09/2013 - 12:18 -- nick

Tattoos on jobseekers can put employers off giving them work, a study has found.

The British Sociological Association (BSA) asked 15 employers about their attitudes towards tattooed interviewees, and many told researcher Dr Andrew R. Timming that they would not consider some of them for jobs.

One way out of poverty - jobless Adam scoops £5m lotto jackpot

Thu, 25/07/2013 - 12:13 -- nick

A radical new way out of poverty for workless people was discovered on Saturday when unemployed Adam Young scooped a massive £5.8 million jackpot on the National Lottery.

Adam had lost his job at an electrical wholesalers in May, and he and partner Tracy Tyler were just two weeks from having to ask their families for help to pay their bills when they had the good fortune.

Essex man Adam, 30, said redundancy had hit him hard and showed why unemployment benefits need to be raised:

"It has been a real struggle.


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