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Mon, 04/02/2013 - 10:04 -- JobZoo

The last few years have been quite exciting for the recruitment sector. The way that employers scout for their workforce has changed dramatically due to advances in technology and the rise of social media. With more vacancies posted and filled online, major companies are looking towards technology for help with faster recruitment. As if it wasn’t tough enough to get a recruiter’s attention, now it might not even be a person that looks at your application, but a computer instead.

Yes, many of the biggest international companies are now using software to recruit new positions, rather than going through their HR team. It is a sign of the ‘digital age’ that we now live in, whereby 18 out of 20 world-famous companies use some form of electronic recruitment (BBC survey-

Whilst there are obvious benefits of using this method, it can disadvantage the jobseekers; you might have all the right skills for a specific job, with personality to boot, but the computer might not find the “buzz words” that they are programmed to look for.

So how do you make your CV digital recruitment friendly? Well, like search engine optimisation (SEO) for websites, we’ve come up with a few tips on optimising your CV:

* Simple Format – CV layout is all important. Use a simple format for your CV so that computers, and people, can navigate it easily.
* Use A Heading – having a job-title heading under your name not only tells the recruiter what position you are going for, but also makes you stand out. Let them know what your expertise is and get spotted in electronic searches.
* Use Buzz Words – optimising your CV is important for search purposes. Work out what ‘buzz words’ the employer might be looking for and make sure they can find them. For example, if they are looking for an "experienced salesman competent in the use of databases with good communication skills", make sure that those words appear near the top of your CV. Don’t copy the job description word for word, but be creative.
* Outline Your Skills - this is similar to the previous point. Employers will be looking for specific skills in their electronic search, so make sure that your previous work experience is accompanied by all the skills you required, whether mentioned in the job description or not.

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