Construction sector could create 180,000 jobs in next five years

Wed, 29/01/2014 - 12:18 -- nick

The UK construction industry could create 182,000 jobs over the next five years with new homes pushing demand.

The government's Help to Buy scheme has been increasing house prices, hurting those on low incomes, but it means more homes will be built.

Only 108,000 were completed last year, but both main parties want to accelerate this to ensure more than 200,000 are finished each year.

The new jobs will take the total working in the industry to 2.588 million, still well below the pre-recession peak of 2.863 million.

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), which is responsible for leading skills development in the sector, says jobs growth will be patchy, strongest in East Anglia while the West Midlands will see jobs lost.

Those looking to train for a future in the industry would be well advised to take note of the Board's research on the jobs it will need.

Most sought after will be Plant Mechanics, followed by Civil Engineers and Construction Process Managers, and planned new nuclear builds will see the UK will experience the biggest increase in demand for Scaffolders for four years.

CITB will deliver courses in these areas to ensure the sector is ready for future challenges.

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